Expert House Cleaning Dublin

Your home is a picture of yourself. A messy, dirty house can give your visitors the wrong idea about who you are. There is no need for that. In a world where everyone is mad busy, there is very little time left for house cleaning and with limited free time to spare who wants to spend it cleaning when you could be doing something fun with your family. So leave the house cleaning services for your local experts. House Cleaning Dublin has been deep cleaning houses and apartments since 2004. We have seen it all and we have done it all.

Included In Our Standard House Cleaning Deal

We will vacuum the whole property top to bottom. So all your carpeted floors, stairs, hard floors, the banisters, the door & window frames, furniture, your sofa beds, walls, all the woodwork, window sills, all hard to reach areas, handles, top of the doors, under the beds, photos & lights will be vacuumed with special dusting brush systems.

We will wash all your floors. Floor cleaning does not include old sealer removal, natural stone floor polishing or sealing floors. We will use highly effective floor cleaning & floor degreasing products to mop your floors. If you are looking for “in depth” or “special floor treatments”, it can be done but it will cost extra.

We will deep clean your kitchen. Our standard house cleaning package includes worktop cleaning and degreasing, the splashback degreasing, top of the cooker including the burners, the presses but we cannot touch plates or food so presses have to be empty, all the kitchen fittings, the microwave, the fridge but it has to be empty, detail surface disinfecting, the walls, lights, switches, and all the woodwork.

We will deep clean your bathrooms. The standard house cleaning package includes the sink, the toilet, the bath and the shower glass. We will deep clean it and descale it. All porcelain surfaces will be cleaned with heavy duty bathroom cleaning products. All dirt deposits from inside the toilet will be fully removed with heavy duty acidic toilet descalers. If there is mould on the walls, we will remove all the heavy duty deposits and we will pre-spray the surface with anti mould protectors. Our standard bathroom cleaning package includes average size bathrooms in average condition. Very large bathrooms or bathrooms in very poor condition will be charged extra.

Window cleaning. We have included all your internal windows in our standard house cleaning package. Assuming that your property is average size and it does not have additional sunrooms or conservatories, we will wash all your internal windows and frames within the agreed price. External window cleaning is possible but it will cost extra.

Surface cleaning and polishing. Also included in our standard house cleaning package are all your surfaces. This will include all furniture, all shelving, all doors, all frames, all picture frames, all the skirting boards, all radiator covers, etc. We will use professional quality hard surface cleaners and disinfectants. Special furniture polishing creams will be used to restore the sheen on old and worn furniture. Also included in the price are all the door handles and light switches.

If your property was used by a number of people of all nationalities and ages, it is likely that some were smokers, some cooked spicy foods while some had pets. So there is a mixture of bad odors within the property. That is not a problem for House Cleaning Dublin. We use a number of Irish manufactured odor neutralizing products that can remove any type of bad odor from any surface.

Additional Services

While some people are looking for a basic light cleaning deal, others are looking for a much deeper cleaning solution. So here is what we can do for you:

Empty A Property After The Tenants Have Moved Out

We can hire skips and we can get rid of all kinds of old furniture, carpets, beds, garbage or whatever waste was left behind by the last tenant for whatever reason. Then the property will be disinfected.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Services Not all houses have carpets so our standard house cleaning service does not include carpet cleaning | shampooing. But if you are looking for carpet cleaning services we are here to help you out. We can create a special house cleaning deal to include the shampooing and full disinfection of all your carpeted areas.

Sofa Cleaning Services

Sofas full of stains and full of bad odors? No problem. We can deep clean all your sofas with our Innovative Prochem technology to restore all your sofas to a like new condition. We can guarantee quick drying times and hassle free cleaning. Ask us for a house cleaning deal to also include sofa cleaning services and save over 30%.

Mattress Cleaning Services

A mattress is likely to get dirty whatever you do. Especially a mattress fitted inside a rented property. You should not re-let the property unless all the mattresses were replaced or deep cleaned and disinfected. Just book a deep house cleaning service plus mattress cleaning services. Your mattress will be fully disinfected, treated with stain removers and disinfected.

Oven Cleaning Services

Some people don't use the oven very much, if at all, so we have not included oven cleaning in our standard house cleaning package. But if your oven is full of grease and burnt on carbon, it has to be cleaned. House Cleaning Dublin can restore your oven to a like new condition for a very reasonable fee. Ask us more about our professional oven cleaning services. 

External Window Cleaning Services

Some people love to just get a ladder and start washing their windows while others don't like the idea at all. That is not a problem at all because House Cleaning Dublin can help you out. We use a top of the range reach & wash window cleaning system capable of reaching up to 80 feet high. We are happy to wash all your external windows including conservatories, sunroofs, glass panels, etc. Create a great package to include house cleaning services plus external window cleaning services. 

Floor Polishing Services

While our standard house cleaning services include floor washing, we do not polish any kind of floors without an extra charge. We can help you restore any type of floors including all natural stone floors, laminate floors, wood floors, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, Amtico floors, lino floors, vinyl floors, marmoleum floors, concrete floors, terrazzo floors & other types of floors. Tile and grout cleaning services plus surface polishing.

Elevate the essence of your living space with House Cleaning Dublin, a seasoned expert in house cleaning since 2004. Our comprehensive standard package covers everything from top-to-bottom vacuuming, floor washing, and deep cleaning in the kitchen and bathrooms to window cleaning, surface polishing, and effective odor neutralizing. Beyond the basics, we offer specialized services, including property emptying, carpet, sofa, mattress, oven cleaning, external window cleaning, and floor polishing. With over two decades of experience, we utilize innovative Prochem technology to ensure a like-new condition for various surfaces. Opt for our specialized services and save over 30% on a comprehensive cleaning package. Connect with us today to explore the benefits of our specialized cleaning services, including End-of-Tenancy Cleaning, Once-Off Cleaning Services, and Apartment Cleaning Options. Let House Cleaning Dublin redefine cleanliness for your home, leaving you with more time to enjoy the things you love.