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Once Off Cleaning

A once off cleaning service is a type of cleaning service done only ONCE. People book once off cleaning services after a new build or renovation project, a deep clean after an infestation, a deep clean before an important event or just a deep house clean or apartment cleaning service to keep their property clean and refreshed. While most people can clean and maintain their property very well, once in a while when the dirt levels reach critical levels, some professional help is needed. For some types of in depth once off cleaning service, heavy duty equipment is required. The type of equipment most people do not own.

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New Build Clean

After months and months of construction work, planning and delays, the house is finally ready. All the trades are out and you are ready to move in. But hold on a second, the whole place is covered in fine builders dust while the windows are covered in residue. You can try to do it yourself or you can call House Cleaning Dublin and book a once off cleaning service. We will arrive at your property on the agreed date with proper heavy duty equipment. We will vacuum your property in detail to remove even the finest grain of dust. We will wash all your floors with specific floor cleaning products to get rid of all the residue. Next we will deep clean the windows and the frames. We recommend indoor and outdoor window cleaning services to be able to assess the condition of the windows. All polishable surfaces will be polished, all the walls, heaters, floors, woodwork, bathrooms, kitchen fittings, etc, will be cleaned and inspected. The project should take 4-6 hours to complete.

After Infestation Cleaning

If someone within your extended family had a very contagious illness, you should definitely call House Cleaning Dublin and book a deep cleaning service. Unlike the classic once off cleaning service, after contamination cleaning does not focus a lot on the cleaning of the surfaces but more into disinfecting, sanitization and decontamination. Every surface in the house will be deep cleaned with powerful decontamination and virucidal antibacterial cleaners. When we are done with your property, the contamination issue will also be done. Same type of service can be done when someone passes away or some accident happens.

Occasional Once Off Cleaning

When an important family event is coming up and your relatives will be visiting, you need to be prepared. The property has to be spotlessly clean. You can just call House Cleaning Dublin fast and have your property blitzed up with some of the best eco-friendly cleaning products. Here is what we can do for you.

Deal 1: You can book us to vacuum, dust, wash your windows and do a light once off cleaning job. While doing this service we will dust the property, we will disinfect all the washable surfaces, we will touch up the kitchen and bathrooms and we will deep clean all the floors within the property. If that’s not enough, you can book the Deal 2.
Deal 2: This superior cleaning service will include all the items listed above plus some extras. We will create a package deal to cover carpet shampooing, sofa shampooing, indoor and outdoor window cleaning services, floor polishing services, deep bathroom cleaning, deep kitchen cleaning + the cooker + the extractor fan + the fridge. In-depth detailed house cleaning services done by our eagle eyed cleaners.
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