Premium End Of Tenancy Cleaning

With the rents going up and up, the last thing you need is to lose your rental deposit because your property is not cleaned as required. But the search for a new property has left you with no time to spend hours scrubbing toilets and polishing surfaces. You can either take a chance with your rental deposit or you can call House Cleaning Dublin and book our famous end of tenancy cleaning service. So what can we do for you?

We Will Assess Your Property

The first step is to assess the property and only include in the package the areas that actually need cleaning. In most cases, the kitchen and the bathrooms are the areas with the issues while the rest of the house or the apartment might be just fine. We will create an end of tenancy package deal to save you money not to leave you broke.

We Will Recommend

We have been providing end of tenancy cleaning services since 2004. Over the years we have dealt with all kinds of landlords, estate agents and management companies. We know how to present a property to the owner to make sure there is no argument about the level of cleaning.

We Charge Fair Prices

With the average rental deposit around 2000 euro, it would be silly not to book the services of a professional end of tenancy cleaning company to deal with your cleaning tasks. House Cleaning Dublin provides clear and affordable pricing before any work commences. We have been providing this service for years so we must be doing it right because our list of regular customers is growing monthly!

What To Expect

The first thing your landlord will do is a visual inspection. If the property looks visibly clean, the landlord is unlikely to go on a “dirt finding” operation. Deep cleaning all the internal windows, deep cleaning  the kitchen and the cooker of course, deep cleaning and descaling the bathroom plus dusting the whole property top to bottom is the first step. While some landlords will be pleased with the refreshed property, others might not be. So we can quote you for a deep end of tenancy cleaning service to cover all the property aspects

Kitchen Cleaning

Heavy duty surface degreasing, the extractor fan, the cooker, the fridge, all the floors, presses in and out (assuming that the presses are empty), the top of the presses, all surfaces will be degreased, dusted & polished, the internal windows and the frames, the worktop and all electric equipment

The Bathrooms

Full tile and grout cleaning services to cover all the walls and all the floors, full descale of the bath, shower tray and heads, the bath | Shower glass, the sinks, the toilet, all the walls, mould removal and mould treatment, all stainless steel taps & fittings.

The Hall

We will vacuum the floors and the carpets, we will dust the banister, we will dust all the lights, all the woodwork, all the frames, the front door, all the mirrors, picture frames, the handles,spider nets, etc.

The Living Room

Full dusting of all the furniture, full dusting of all the walls & woodwork, full furniture polish, all frames lights, switches, mirrors, TVs, all floors will be washed with PH neutral maintainers and the whole room will be treated with odor neutralizers.

The Bedrooms

We will move the beds around the rooms and we will vacuum underneath, we will dust the furniture, the woodwork, the doors, the walls and all the hard to reach areas, we will clean, sanitize and disinfect all washable surfaces.

The Windows

All the internal windows will be fully cleaned. The frames are also included. Additionally you can request outdoor windows as well.

Carpets | Sofas | Mattresses | Floors

While all these items are included for dusting and light vacuuming, we will not shampoo it without an extra charge. Deep cleaned sofas, mattresses, sofas or polishing floors can take a lot of time and very expensive equipment is required. We would be happy to create a special deal to include all these items and help you save about 30% by booking a package deal.

If you are not sure what type of end of tenancy cleaning service to book, give us a call. We are happy to detail our services and to work with all kinds of budgets. Book a light or a deep end of tenancy cleaning service.

Why Choose Our End Of Tenancy Cleaning?

If you're looking for an end-of-tenancy cleaning service in Dublin, please get in touch with us today!