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Apartment Cleaning Dublin

Most people living in apartments are very busy and may have no time left for deep cleaning or regular apartment cleaning. They need not worry because House Cleaning Dublin has tailored a special once-off apartment cleaning service that covers everything and it can be done while the property owners are at work. We are a trustworthy apartment cleaning company highly reviewed and recommended by all our regular customers. We deal with thousands of private property owners, estate agents, landlords, management companies, builders, etc. We can create a special cleaning service to include or exclude as many extra services as the customer requires.

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Once Off Deep Cleaning Services

A clean apartment is a better place to work and relax. High levels of dust, grease all over the walls, limescale build ups within the toilet or bad odors are the main reasons why so many people book our apartment cleaning services. Here is what we can do for you.

Light Apartment Cleaning Services

This kind of service applies to those customers who use our once off apartment cleaning services a few times per year. The place needs a good clean but the dirt has not managed to build up too badly since the last clean. This service will include floor washing, internal window cleaning, bathroom descaling, kitchen cleaning and full kitchen inspection, general surface dusting and polishing.

Medium Apartment Cleaning Services

 This apartment cleaning service includes more in depth cleaning services, a more intensive kitchen cleaning, full bathroom descaling, all the windows, all floors, full vacuuming, full dusting, surface polishing, spider nets removal, doors & all the woodwork cleaned and disinfected, odor neutralizing, etc. While the carpets will be vacuumed they will be not shampooed.

Heavy Duty Apartment Cleaning Services

A proper heavy duty apartment cleaning services that includes all the surfaces, full carpet cleaning services, full sofa cleaning & shampooing, full floor cleaning, all internal and external window cleaning services, full kitchen to include all the presses, all the worktops, full degreasing, the cooker, extractor fan, the fridge and all the electrical equipment. The bathrooms will be fully descaled, the bedroom & the communal areas will be deep cleaned and the place will be treated with eco-friendly odor removers. 

New Build Apartment Cleaning

This service is usually booked by builders, renovation contractors or the owners of new apartments left untidy by the builders. This kind of cleaning project does not focus on old and hard to remove dirt, but instead its main purpose is to remove all that fine dust from the floors, furniture, walls, sockets, frames, etc. Even if the property is brand new, without a proper apartment deep cleaning service itis unliveable. We will make sure that within a few hours the place will be fully cleaned.

When dealing with a new unit, the cleaners have to pay special attention to details. Everything is brand new so no “heavy duty scrubbing” is required. But the place requires an intensive vacuuming operation. Our commercial vacuums are fitted with special dusting brushes that can extract even the finest grain of dust. We will vacuum all the floors, all the woodwork, all the frames, all the presses, the furniture, the kitchen and the kitchen presses, all hard to reach areas. Every item within the property will be deep cleaned and polished. 

We are happy to book single units or to book full apartment units. Have your apartment deep cleaned with innovative technology and locally manufactured cleaning products. Call House Cleaning Dublin right now and find out more information about our professional apartment cleaning services!

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