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House Cleaning Finglas

  1. Innovative house cleaning technology and 100% eco-friendly cleaning products
  2. All our cleaners are fully trained, fully insured, Garda vetted and fully certified
  3. We are happy to create packages and deals to fit all special requirements
  4. Once off cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning and apartment cleaning
  5. We are happy to provide free no obligation estimates for all our cleaning projects
  6. Deal with a fully insured, well established and highly rated cleaning contractor
  7. Book our services today and have your property deep cleaned within 24 hours
  8. We accept card payments, cheque payments, cash payments and EFT payments

House Cleaning Dublin | Why Us

As the name of our website says, we are the main house cleaning company in Dublin. House Cleaning Dublin is one of the most well established house cleaning companies in Dublin and we have been deep cleaning houses and apartments since 2007. Deal with a company that over the past 16 years has cleaned thousands of houses and apartments all over Dublin and the surrounding areas. We are happy to work with all types of customers and we are happy to adapt to all types of requirements. We understand that each customer has different needs and requirements so for that reason we have created minimum packages and maximum packages to include as much or as little as the customer requires.

House Cleaning Dublin | Eco Friendly Products

House Cleaning Dublin can guarantee that all the cleaning products used while cleaning your property are 100% eco-friendly and manufactured locally in Ireland. We will deep clean your kitchen with proper degreasers and oven cleaners that will safely and effectively remove dirt, we will deep clean your bathrooms and your toilets with highly efficient descalers and grout cleaners that will leave your surfaces spotless and glossy. We will wash your windows with pure water systems that use only extra filtered water and no chemicals. We will wash your carpets with premium quality 100% biodegradable carpet cleaning shampoos manufactured in Ireland. We will get rid of all kinds of bad odours, including urine odour, with our amazing Irish manufactured deodorizers and odour kill. Have your home deep cleaned with top quality eco cleaning products from the Cleanfast range.

House Cleaning Dublin | End Of Tenancy Cleaning

End of tenancy cleaning services are the most requested type of cleaning service. In an always moving society, there is no shortage of work. The end of tenancy cleaning services usually apply to people moving out a property, moving into a property or deep cleaning the part of a large shared house when a tenant moves in or out. House Cleaning Dublin has created a number of end of tenancy cleaning packages to suit all types of people and all types of budgets.

  1. Light End Of Tenancy Cleaning | We are usually hired to tidy up the property, disinfect some areas, remove some mould from the walls or lightly clean the property to have it ready for the next tenant. This kind of end of tenancy cleaning service only applies to properties in good condition in need of slight touch up. No extra services are included
  2. Medium Duty End Of Tenancy Cleaning | This kind of end of tenancy cleaning service usually applies to properties where certain areas require a deep cleaning but not the whole property. While the bedrooms and the living area might be in great shape, the kitchen or the bathroom might require a more intense clean. In this case we will offer our customers the medium duty end of tenancy cleaning package. No extra services are included in this deal.
  3. Deep End Tenancy Cleaning | This a tough deep cleaning package that will include the whole property from top to bottom. This level of cleaning is usually required when a property was rented to students or younger people and it was not deep cleaned for a number of years. Within this end of tenancy cleaning package House Cleaning Dublin will deep clean all the floors, all hard surfaces, internal and external windows, full kitchen, the oven, the extractor fan, the fridge, all the bathrooms will be deep cleaned & descaled plus all the carpets will be shampooed. The property will be left spotless and ready for re-renting.

***Standard package usually includes full dusting, full vacuuming, hard surface cleaning, internal window cleaning, all woodwork, all walls will be checked & the property will be checked for a once off clean overall***

***The full package will include carpet shampooing, external window cleaning, the oven, floor deep cleaning and wall cleaning***

House Cleaning Dublin | Once Off Cleaning

The term once off cleaning comes from a property being cleaned only once and not on a regular basis. Unlike the regular cleaning, a once off cleaning project is not charged at an hourly rate but instead there is a flat fee agreed beforehand. The final fee usually depends on the level of cleaning expected, the condition of the property, the extra services added, the size of the property and the location and access. While most house cleaning companies would have some informative prices for all kinds of once off cleaning services, the prices are likely to be informative only and vary based on the factors listed above. House Cleaning Dublin provides a number of once off cleaning services to fit all kinds of requirements:

House Cleaning Dublin | Once Per Year Once Off Cleaning

Having a busy household, kids and also a busy job, leaves very little time for deep cleaning. While most people can maintain a clean house without any problems, most people do not own the professional equipment or the professional cleaning products needed for deep cleaning a property. Dusting, vacuuming or surface cleaning is easy peasy, but shampooing carpets, cleaning exterior windows or deep cleaning floors is not that easy. So for this kind of heavy duty once off cleaning services most people hire a professional house cleaning company. The property will be deep cleaned from the top to the bottom in no time. The price of an once off cleaning project will be agreed before the starting date and it will include as much or as little as the owner | tenant requires. House Cleaning Dublin provides free no obligation estimates for once off cleaning services.

House Cleaning Dublin | After Infestation Cleaning

One of the most in demand types of once off cleaning services is after infestation cleaning. This type of cleaning is usually booked after a member of the family or the whole family was sick for a long period of time and it does not seem to get any better. House Cleaning Dublin will deep clean the whole property from top to bottom with special antibacterial disinfectants to neutralize all types of harmful bacteria. Another essential part of an after infestation cleaning is the dusting. We will dust the whole property, including the carpets with special HEPA vacuums to extract as much dust as possible and to make sure that we create an inhabitable environment for all types of unwanted bacteria.

House Cleaning Dublin | After Builders Cleaning

Having a new house built or having an old house renovated will bring a lot of happiness and excitement. It will also bring a never ending source of dust that seems to be coming from nowhere. The fine dust generated by the builders when they use sanding paper on wood, walls & painted surfaces can penetrate everywhere and is a nightmare to remove. In some cases, the builders’ dust is still noticeable years later. The floors look dusty and dirty after being washed, the dust seems to deposit everywhere out of nowhere and the whole family sneezes for no clear reason. Yes, it is fine dust.

House Cleaning Dublin will use some of the most powerful HEPA vacuums fitted with dusting heads to extract all the fine dust from all over the woodwork, under the skirting boards, from under the sofas, from all the sockets, from behind the furniture or wherever else it is hiding. All the floors will be deep cleaned with floor buffers and the waste extracted. All carpets will be shampooed with innovative Prochem carpet cleaning technology. The price for this kind of once off cleaning also depends on the size of the property, the condition and the level of cleaning required.

House Cleaning Dublin | Apartment Cleaning Dublin

Ireland is changing fast and the new generation is likely to live in an apartment rather than a house. These new apartments are much better built, warmer and easier to maintain. But having a number of people living in a compact space can come with different challenges. House Cleaning Dublin has created special apartment cleaning packages for all kinds of requirements and needs. An apartment cleaning is much different than a house cleaning and usually it requires more time to do. Having kids playing in the living room, the pets running all over the place and all that steam from the kitchen depositing all over the place is likely to create a lot of mess and sooner or later the owner will be overwhelmed. Time to call your local apartment cleaning company and have your place deep cleaned.

Just as in the case of the house cleaning, the owners can select the level of cleaning required. You can start with a light apartment cleaning service if the place is in good shape but in need of tidying up. If the bathrooms and the kitchen are in poor shape but the rest of the place is decent, you can avail our medium duty apartment cleaning package and we will have our cleaners focusing more on those areas. If the place looks hopeless and is likely to require over 5 hours of cleaning, then you should book our deep apartment cleaning services that will cover:

  1. Full kitchen including the oven, the extractor fan, the fridge, the microwave, full degreasing, floor cleaning, all stainless steel appliances, doors & windows
  2. Full bathroom cleaning to include all the floor and wall tiles, full sink, bath & the toilet, the shower glass and all the stainless steel fittings, full descale.
  3. Living area to include all carpets, all floors, all sofas to be vacuumed, all the woodwork, all the furniture, all the lamps & sockets
  4. Full bedrooms to include all the floors, woodwork, all the presses, all the internal & external windows (if reachable), lights, sockets, frames, furniture
  5. The hall will also be deep cleaned, all floors polished, front door deep cleaned, lamps and all the sockets, all furniture, frames, etc.

House Cleaning Dublin | Eco Cleaning Products

The main aim is to deep clean the property and have the place ready for whatever reason you had to hire a professional house cleaning company but you should also expect to have your place deep cleaned with proper products that have low environmental impact, are as eco-friendly as possible and do not leave your property with harsh chemicals residue. Like in anything else, you are likely to receive whatever you pay for. This is why when you book House Cleaning Dublin to deep clean your property, you are fully assured that your house or your apartment will be fully deep cleaned with some of the most eco-friendly Irish manufactured cleaning products ever. Our company can provide a data sheet for all our products and we can also show you samples of it before we even start the job.

House Cleaning Dublin | Insurance

So what happens when there is a chemical spill on your brand new sofa, or a broken mirror, or some kind of incident where your property is somehow damaged? Well, not a lot if you are dealing with a cheap and uninsured house cleaning company. In some cases, some local house cleaning companies are charging very low costs for a very comprehensive cleaning service and the offer seems to be too good to be refused. But remember, there is always a catch. Having a house cleaning company insured is not cheap at all. By neglecting to insure a professional house cleaning company, the owner of that company might save a euro or two but it will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. To avoid such issues deal with proper house cleaning companies that can produce an insurance cert and have a clear track record. Ask House Cleaning Dublin for a copy of our insurance cert.

House Cleaning Dublin | Our Cleaners

A house cleaning company is nothing without well trained, professional house cleaning staff. It does not matter how well the house cleaning website looks or all the great photos on the social media accounts if the project is not done correctly or if the cleaners used for that project are not nice to the customers. This is the main reason House Cleaning Dublin only employs hand picked house cleaners with many years of experience. Our house cleaners are not just cleaners. Our house cleaners can negotiate extra work, can agree prices and they can adapt to any special requirements. All of our amazing reviews are received because of our pleasant cleaners and their amazing work. All our house cleaners are Garda vetted, fully insured and a pleasure to deal with.

House Cleaning Dublin | Our Covered Area

House Cleaning Dublin is a professional house cleaning company that specializes in once off house cleaning services, end of tenancy cleaning services, apartment cleaning services and of course, house cleaning services. While we would love to do all our work around the County Dublin area, there are exceptions where we travel all over Ireland if the project is worth it. For standard house cleaning projects we like to stick with the County Dublin area but if there are 5+ properties to be deep cleaned in one spot, then the area is not that relevant any longer. We have completed thousands of house cleaning projects on the behalf of large building companies, estate agents, management companies and so on. If your cleaning project is not within the Co Dublin area, please send us an email or give us a call. If the project is interesting enough, we will be glad to help you out.

House Cleaning Dublin | Extra Services

Our main area of expertise is house cleaning and generally all types of once off residential cleaning services. As listed above, we can quote for standard house cleaning projects or we can create special packages to include many additional cleaning services. So what kind of extra services can we quote for?

  1. External Window Cleaning | While all our house cleaning packages include internal window cleaning services, not all of them include external window cleaning services. We use highly efficient reach and wash window cleaning tools to reach windows up to 80 feet high. This kind of window cleaning service uses pure water only.
  2. Carpet Shampooing | Vacuuming the carpet is always included in the price but carpet shampooing is not. If the customer requires, we can also quote for deep carpet cleaning or carpet shampooing. We will be using heavy duty Prochem carpet cleaning machines. Your carpets will be fully cleaned and disinfected.
  3. Floor Cleaning | While a light floor washing is included as standard, deep floor cleaning is not included. If our customers require, we can quote for tile & grout cleaning, floor polishing, stain removal, marble polishing and pretty much all types of heavy duty floor cleaning services. Our prices are affordable and our work quality will impress even the most demanding customers.
  4. Sofa Cleaning Services | We will vacuum your sofa with special brushes to extract all the fine dust but we will not wash your sofa within our standard package. If you are looking for a sofa shampooing, we can easily adapt. Our prices for deep sofa cleaning services start from only 30 euro per seat and it depends on the size of the sofa. Our state of the art sofa cleaning technology will restore your sofas to a like new condition.
  5. Other possible services : Power washing services, patio cleaning services, brick cleaning and other exterior cleaning services.

House Cleaning Dublin | Payment Systems

A professional house cleaning company like House Cleaning Dublin will offer its customer any possible way of settling a bill. If we know you and if we have done business with you before, then we can agree to EFT payments or cheque payments. If you are an international customer not based in Dublin, we can provide you with a payment link or an over the phone card payment. Also, if there are large work volumes, we can work on 30 days credit. Please tell us how you would like to proceed with the payment before the starting date.

House Cleaning Dublin | Cleaning Duration

We do our best to inform our customers about the cleaning duration but the actual cleaning project might take much longer or much shorter than the estimated time. We base our estimated time on the condition of the property and the likely level of cleaning required. We usually call our customers within 30 minutes before the finishing time.

House Cleaning Dublin | Disclaimer

Our company provides free no obligation estimates for all kinds of house cleaning and apartment cleaning services. Our prices are based on the size of the property, the condition of the property, the location of the property and the level of cleaning expected. Over the phone estimates are done based on the information supplied by our customers. If the property is larger than expected, dirtier than expected or if it requires much more cleaning than usual due to a number of factors unconnected to House Cleaning Dublin, then the price will increase. A “tiny house” that ends up being a huge 4 bedroom house will have its estimated price changed. An average dirty house that in fact is in a very poor shape and requires many extra hours of cleaning, will cost more to do. We are happy to respond to any complaints within 24 hours. We do not refund money unless we get a chance to see the reason for the complaint. It is the duty of the property owner if he or she is allergic to any type of cleaning products or deodorisers. We recommend putting the cooker on for at least 30 minutes after deep cleaning. Do not interfere with our cleaners and do not walk on the working area (the floors might be wet). We are not happy to use any other cleaning products that we are not familiar with.

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